themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

I have to make sure I eat fuck it. Thursday i barely ate a thing I had a mandarine and probably 1/4 of a noodle box from one of those chinese noodle houses and what was my reason! I was depressed and felt like punishing myself by starving. I shouldn't be doing that i don't want to fall back into how I was and my boyfriend definately would not stand for it if I did. Mind you he doesn't even really notice when i go down a dress size! but he would notice if I passed down food I can eat!!!

I'm cleaning the house today so hopefully that racks me up enough points! gotta exit mould the shower and clean the bathroom/toilet do 3 loads of washing and sweep... and maybe wash the 3 dishes i made. then i'll do a general tidy up of the house and if toby still isn't home then i will do a 30 minute jog + 10 mins of hulla hoop on the wii. I can't wait in 1 more week i will be back at dance again 4 hrs of dance a week should definately help haha

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