themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

I'm in a posting mood


Is poop too many girls in the office its like an episode of days of our lives everytime i walk into that building so I have learnt to drink most nights to drive myself to go back haha yep that crap.


Is going good and hopefully i can use some of my overtime to put a bit more money on it so it will be paid off sooneryayyay we bout a rug/runner for it today so funky i love it


life is going okay i guess well okay enough for someone who doesn't have a career just a job but its going good and i've been losing weight?(fat) down from size 10 aus to size 8 (6-4 us) which is awesome and I did it the healthy way which makes me feel really good about it. I never thought i would be able to be a size 8 in pants because my hips seemed to never let me but yay i have successfully succeeded!!! next step size 6! haha just joking I don't think that could ever happen. Now i just want to tone up and look good before I go on my cruise to venuatu where i will not catch swine flu haha. And I promise i will do some form of exercise a day and wont be one of those people who get fat after being over seas for 2 weeks. I think one of the other girls going on the cruise with me has that plan too so hopefully we can keep eachother to it!! I would say i want a 4 pack again before i go on but quite frankly ... too much effort i would just rather keep jogging/walking my weight off then start crunching and pushups etc i hate pushups especially!!!!

I want zefferellis i really feel like italian food i can actually eat being wheat intolerant! GOSH HOW I WANT TO EAT CALABRISE RIGHT NOW!!!

okay i have finished talking to myself for the moment


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