themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

oh hai there.

I forgot all about this place to be honest until i was talking about how my mum estalks me and a friend says she is glad her mum doesn't know about her livejournal.. So so sorry for hanging you guys on for so long!!

So whats new in the life of me not much.. still have my terrible fulltime job though they are moving me into a new position soon with same pay less work which will be great because I just can't do all the overtime it makes me do. I have time for nothing it sucks :(. We bought our house and its lovely maybe 1 day i will take pictures and put them up but not just yet. We have paid off an amount that makes me feel a bit more comfy now because we are paying double what they want us to so our interest is going down nicely. yay yay.

Start school soon too by correspondence so I am buying myself a mini notebook so i can study in my lunch break at work and on the bus or whatever but so i don't have to be stuck in the study all the time all alone haha. Unfortunately one of my text books I can't find for sale anywhere the only place i can find it is at the national library and you aren't even allowed to borrow books there so that wont help very much :(.

I am trying to get back into exercising atleast half an hr a day which is really hard because I finish when its dark and i am already getting up at 6.30 in the morning to get to work in time so I will just have to somehow sort something out i guess not sure what yet!

Oh well again i don't think anyone will reply to this i must find more e friends haha

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