themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

Life is a box of chocolates

It hurts your teeth when it is too cold and when its warm everything gets gross and runny!

HAHA nah. So hmmm I was working out my money flow situation not so long ago and I should be okay for studying. I figure by the time we get to june/july when i will have to pay fees we will have the rudd payment come through (thanks rudd) and I will have hopefully saved up atleast another grand bringing me to the grand total of 20k. I got paid twice this week. Termination pay from my last job and money from this job I currently posses and the upcoming public holiday means more overtime. So I should have an okay sum of money next pay though i don't know I think i would have to do 5 hrs overtime to actually make an extra hungy after tax. FUCKING TAX... ooo i can't wait to do my tax *sigh* its like a wet dream i have every night where I think about how much i will get back. Last year i got 2k haha! it was awesome but I was one of those poor working students so they only took like $400 off me. This year I will be a defacto couple so who knows toby will probably cripple my means for tax back!

Hopefully i will just get a career in what I am studying in a years time so I can get all my monies back on tax oh isn't it grand when you are not paying hecs. Plus i can say my computer and internets is a part of it then because i need it to study and the study goes with my work. *faints* I'm thinking too much.

I miss my boyfriend I want snuggles and someone to pat my food baby when i get one! I bet after we live together for a while we will hate eachother. We really need a tv unit ... and an ironing board... and I need a hair removing impliment because at the moment i use my mums though I could use one of our old ones for the time being. hmm yeh good idea.

Okay this is just babble i hope you actually didn't read it because that would just be bad news for you wouldn't it. I guess it would prove just how much you need to get off the net wouldn't it... GET OFF MY INTERNETS BITCHES

yours dearly

the mad hatter

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