themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

So i just realised i wasted two years of my life. At first I was pretty sad about it. And then i thought hang on a minute I can sit down and have a cry and get all depressed about this or I can be happy that I achieved a diploma in something and can use it for a hobby further on in life. Be happy i followed what i thought i wanted at the time because now I wont be forever questioning what I could have been. Thinking oh wow I could have been in an industry where I could have made heaps more.

So commercialism art is not for me graphic design sort of ticks me off. But if someone really liked what I could do and i was mates with them and wanted a website or something I would help out. I wouldn't go FUCK YOU. I mean I do like the elements of graphic design i just don't want it as a career. So i guess I just wasted 2 years on nothing or used 2 years of my life to prove to myself I really didn't like something :P either way haha.

So now i have to cough up 28000 to go to uni. So far i have saved 10k. Hmmm i gotta start saving $200 a week instead of $150 D: I am going into the welfare sector which is something i didn't ever want to do growing up. Well i did want to do it but i didn't because my mum did it and it was really hard growing up. Well I didn't have the worst situation growing up but xmas is not fun when you associate it with no food on the table for a fortnight after.

Hopefully it wont be that way for me though I mean i have my boy to depend on aswell its not a sole income. But that doesn't mean I want to be dependant on him it just means we can hopefully share and balance out. We are buying a house together still hopefully beginning of next year. And i am looking for a better job so I can save up more sooner. I would really love to be saving $300 a week that would be like $1800 a month which a units cost. At the moment I'm only saving up $300 a fortnight which is $900 a month 1 unit costs $1200 and i have to complete 24. I have nearly 15k saved and I need to have 28800 oh god *faints*

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