themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

so tonight is the night. My graduating exhibition night. The biggest night of this year and I am shaking. I have put together some showbags of my design stuff to give to the industry people who seem interested in my work and of course to give to a few of my friends. I want to take Charlie Floyd Humpleburg my cute 6cm long teddy but I have no idea where I would put him if I was to.

I gotta shower and go back to the mall to buy more magnets to print on and i still have to wash my hair etc for my hairdressing appointment. My bed is completely covered in these incomplete showbags because I am yet leave for more magnets dammit D:. i am thinking of going into a toystore to see if they have any fun sticker paper aswell i forgot they sometimes have cool stuff to print on that other places don't.

I stopped keeping track on what i was eating i was just too stressed and busy to care for a while but I have started eating half the amount of usual on most days sometimes i just have 2 apples I know thats not good but its not even deliberate.

I found a job in the newspaper in other news for a job i only hold half the knowledge to but i am applying and hopefully they will accept me in its a 2 year contract which would be good at this time to get into incase jobs drop down in australia. Mind you the financial crisis is really in america and for some reason our $$ dropped below theirs thats bullshit! Anyways its for 60k+ a year so i am really freaking out about trying to make a good impression D:

I hope everyone else is fine and going well. Be ambitious girl. Thats what one hot jap freak once said in a pop song and I'm sticking to it :P

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