themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

I'm back

it's been so stressful this semester at school I have neglected to come on here at all I know I'm a terrible person and i suspect i have no watchers anymore due to it.

Well I need to lose weight I feel like a poomba i always need to lose weight though so whats new? Yeh I know I also need to save money because me and toby are saving a house I already have money for a deposit but I am saving money for furniture and appliances and to be able to finish studying by correspondence. It's great because a uni who is offering correspondence is also one of the ones that are in agreement to cut 2 years off their course for those who complete the course I am finishing.

I am starting to do 120 situps (different varieties) 60 push ups (on knees coz I'm weak) 30 lunges (apparently i have lack of leg muscles ha) and 30 squats every morning and afternoon. But i don't really have time to go jogging at night or in morning why? Well on monday and tuesday i stay back at school for nearly 12 hrs that day that includes after class to get shite done. Then wednesday thursday friday i work all day then saturday and sunday i have to walk to the interchange and I can't really jog there without making my work clothes sweatie to be able to catch a bus to get to work on time. and I get 1 weekend off a month. Hectic no? I don't finish school until the 2nd of december and by then its xmas roster at work. I'm trying to work out a way to still get my once a month weekend off during it or else I will die D:

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