themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

I feel fucking grand bloody fantastic. Finished reading new moon by stephanie meyer and now am onto eclipse the third fourth book doesn't come out til june :( and they left a teaser at the back of this book its going to be so hard not to read it I don't want to read it until its out argh >.< damn you bloody teasers.

I've already done all my exercise for the day and its only 12.50 because I have a driving lesson soon. I'm trying so hard to eat at least 1000 calories a day it gets really hard because the exercise and 2 ltrs a day water consumption seems to supress my appetite a lot. So yeh if i don't do over 400 calories a day I'm not doing good and at least 1 hrs workout. I have to stick up the game because I am eating more (or trying to yet not being successful). So today and yesterday together I burned a total of 1000 calories thats pretty good yay haha.

I want to buy books I'm addicted to reading atm and I saw atonement at the second hand book shop 15 minute walk from my place. The movie looks like it would bore the fuck out of me quite frankly but i can read things I wouldn't normally be able to watch (like ghosts and stuff).

Anyways I best be going to eat my toast and have a shower toodles

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