themadhatter86 (themadhatter86) wrote,

I feel empty again... numb.. I feel really upset but like I can't cry and there is no need to cry. But I am also extremely nervous but not sure why >.<. I want to go to sleep but I want as much of this homework to be done before I do. So when i go to school tomorrow I can finish everything off. I want AFAG over and jo's class... and karyns class though I want to get all her stuff printed and then work on fixing any problems. I just want everything over Business practice studio 3 video and sound design culture I want the only thing left to be graphic design 2 and I want that over ASAP. I just want to be able to chill and be me without worrying about pointless assignments >.<

I think thats it I think school is just draining me... school and everything else I have to complete. Getting a license school making a nice portfolio... what about just fun stuff hanging with friends reading making something for me I don't know :S

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