June 11th, 2009


Whats news?

Well I hate my job and usually i come home pissed off as all fuck but I have sort of found a way to prevent that. It's called write down what pisses you off as it happens. Makes you look like you are taking notes of things you have to do while instead you are venting. Here are some of the notes:

Already Hating today and wanting to stab someone in the eye

I hate my work so many people talk to me like I'm a stupid 4 year old

Girls are fucked

And that seems to be the only worth sharing haha how sad is that.

In other news I bought my second text book today and received the first one in the mail. They are so expensive it scares me like $140 just for something I need for 1 semester how freaky is that!!! What i don't understand is why i needed the 2nd edition and 3rd edition of the same book for the one subject and yes they specifically said I needed both not to buy 1 or the other. Thank god the 2nd edition came out long enough ago to be on ebay or i would have paid $300 for 2 of pretty much the same book!

Another thing thats happened my mum has been a lot more umm connected over facebook since I finally got the internet after me and my partner bought our house. She comments on everything I do LIKE EVERYTHING and tries to chat to me over the internet. Chatting to a family member over the internet is just weird you can't do it like you can with friends. In fact i can't chat to a lot of friends over the net it's just different to how it is face to face and some people are just a lot more annoying. Not saying I'm an exception i'm sure I annoy these people just as much as they annoy me!!

Oh well thats all for now