March 4th, 2009

smokers, bus drivers and money oh my!

Sooo its kind of weird knowing how to start a public journal i didn't really think about it until now but you can't exactly say "dear diary" and is it seen weird to just go into the story or point of your journal? I would assume it cocky to go "Hi to all the people reading this" as I assume that it wont be. Because well gosh not that active on any LJ communities anymore so why would anyone know i still existed? So Ummm

Good evening ladies and gents,

I am here to ask a question. What is it with smokers that think that even though most public places have them banned from smoking in them or from within a 10 meter radius from them that they still think they can walk up to you while you are not smoking and just stand there next to you... for no apparent reason at all. And when you bother to walk away because well if you are anything like me you can't breathe properly around anyone smoking they glare at you like you are the biggest asshole in the world. Well you walked up to me polluted my air and for no real reason you just started looking at me funny so fuck you buddy.

Well i guess thats enough of my rant on smokers so its time for the bus drivers to cop it. Don't get me wrong I love catching buses because I hate driving myself so I do not think they have the best job and I do think they get some crappy customers in their runs so I am not having a big go but I just wonder how some of them manage to land the job. I have seen bus drivers worse than me at driving and I don't even have a license so thats really saying something and some of them I think seem like really nice people just need a career change. I just don't get how you can put a bad driver into a bigger vehicle with much more passengers and think of it as a good idea. I have no idea what the canberra government is thinking!!!

Money is well its money. I had over a third of my uni saved for and now with school fees going up i can't afford to study uni for yet another semester so it looks like I will have to save for a bit longer and its going to get harder. Just waiting for rudd to give me my bonus for being a tax paying citizen I hope seeing as I don't get paid as much I get close to the $900 because I could really use it with uni jumping from 28k to an outrageous 38.5k and me not going to be attending on campus don't really have a range of scholarships to try to get into as I am considered an international student in some terms :S.

Oh well that is all that is new for me

It would be nice if some of the people that are still watching me that I watch would write some more journals. its nice reading whats going on in other peoples life and maybe a bit interesting. Or maybe I'm just weird.


The mad hatter