March 2nd, 2009

I had a blah day

Well I went to work today doing okay with pace well pretty darn good considering I've only been there for a short while when I get an email about a meeting at 10.30am that will be going for an hr. I was like drats this is going to make me slow down a lot and get a lot less done how terrible. Then we go to the meeting and its the guy in charge of my area going on about how much money where I work is losing and how they are making ways of cutting revenue (fuck fuck fuck is all i can think). So he offers everyone in a room the chance to change their fortnights into 9 day fortnights instead of 10. I just bought a house like I can afford that I only earn $600 a week. Apparently the offer is not compulsary and they see that it is hard for us to cut down staff in my departments area because without us our tv station wont run to air. Well thats not very reassuring when i'm the one of probation. So that was my day at work. Still thankgod I finished on time.

Then I got home and went on career sites and there is a bank/insurance company offering an entry level position at 45k a year + super it sounds so good but I can't take up the offer because i have only been at my job for a month and I would prefer to fight through the monotony of it all for at least until we have gone on our 11 day vacation to Vanuatu because i don't have time to make up the holiday pay anywhere else yet.

Then I went on to look in areas I could study to find out the fees have gone up at the uni by correspondence place i was looking at and it will now cost me near 40k to get a degree. $6440 a year for 6 years and thats just the fees for this year. So now I am scared as all fuck of studying and I have no real skills to pay the bills. I was thinking of studying a bachelor in business finance. Which could have gotten me a pretty good job in the long run but I can't afford those fees I've so far only saved up $1800. Thats not even 3 years *sigh*.

Long story short i've had a very blah day.

So how was yours?
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