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I have to make sure I eat fuck it. Thursday i barely ate a thing I had a mandarine and probably 1/4 of a noodle box from one of those chinese noodle houses and what was my reason! I was depressed and felt like punishing myself by starving. I shouldn't be doing that i don't want to fall back into how I was and my boyfriend definately would not stand for it if I did. Mind you he doesn't even really notice when i go down a dress size! but he would notice if I passed down food I can eat!!!

I'm cleaning the house today so hopefully that racks me up enough points! gotta exit mould the shower and clean the bathroom/toilet do 3 loads of washing and sweep... and maybe wash the 3 dishes i made. then i'll do a general tidy up of the house and if toby still isn't home then i will do a 30 minute jog + 10 mins of hulla hoop on the wii. I can't wait in 1 more week i will be back at dance again 4 hrs of dance a week should definately help haha

I'm in a posting mood


Is poop too many girls in the office its like an episode of days of our lives everytime i walk into that building so I have learnt to drink most nights to drive myself to go back haha yep that crap.


Is going good and hopefully i can use some of my overtime to put a bit more money on it so it will be paid off sooneryayyay we bout a rug/runner for it today so funky i love it


life is going okay i guess well okay enough for someone who doesn't have a career just a job but its going good and i've been losing weight?(fat) down from size 10 aus to size 8 (6-4 us) which is awesome and I did it the healthy way which makes me feel really good about it. I never thought i would be able to be a size 8 in pants because my hips seemed to never let me but yay i have successfully succeeded!!! next step size 6! haha just joking I don't think that could ever happen. Now i just want to tone up and look good before I go on my cruise to venuatu where i will not catch swine flu haha. And I promise i will do some form of exercise a day and wont be one of those people who get fat after being over seas for 2 weeks. I think one of the other girls going on the cruise with me has that plan too so hopefully we can keep eachother to it!! I would say i want a 4 pack again before i go on but quite frankly ... too much effort i would just rather keep jogging/walking my weight off then start crunching and pushups etc i hate pushups especially!!!!

I want zefferellis i really feel like italian food i can actually eat being wheat intolerant! GOSH HOW I WANT TO EAT CALABRISE RIGHT NOW!!!

okay i have finished talking to myself for the moment



Whats news?

Well I hate my job and usually i come home pissed off as all fuck but I have sort of found a way to prevent that. It's called write down what pisses you off as it happens. Makes you look like you are taking notes of things you have to do while instead you are venting. Here are some of the notes:

Already Hating today and wanting to stab someone in the eye

I hate my work so many people talk to me like I'm a stupid 4 year old

Girls are fucked

And that seems to be the only worth sharing haha how sad is that.

In other news I bought my second text book today and received the first one in the mail. They are so expensive it scares me like $140 just for something I need for 1 semester how freaky is that!!! What i don't understand is why i needed the 2nd edition and 3rd edition of the same book for the one subject and yes they specifically said I needed both not to buy 1 or the other. Thank god the 2nd edition came out long enough ago to be on ebay or i would have paid $300 for 2 of pretty much the same book!

Another thing thats happened my mum has been a lot more umm connected over facebook since I finally got the internet after me and my partner bought our house. She comments on everything I do LIKE EVERYTHING and tries to chat to me over the internet. Chatting to a family member over the internet is just weird you can't do it like you can with friends. In fact i can't chat to a lot of friends over the net it's just different to how it is face to face and some people are just a lot more annoying. Not saying I'm an exception i'm sure I annoy these people just as much as they annoy me!!

Oh well thats all for now


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oh hai there.

I forgot all about this place to be honest until i was talking about how my mum estalks me and a friend says she is glad her mum doesn't know about her livejournal.. So so sorry for hanging you guys on for so long!!

So whats new in the life of me not much.. still have my terrible fulltime job though they are moving me into a new position soon with same pay less work which will be great because I just can't do all the overtime it makes me do. I have time for nothing it sucks :(. We bought our house and its lovely maybe 1 day i will take pictures and put them up but not just yet. We have paid off an amount that makes me feel a bit more comfy now because we are paying double what they want us to so our interest is going down nicely. yay yay.

Start school soon too by correspondence so I am buying myself a mini notebook so i can study in my lunch break at work and on the bus or whatever but so i don't have to be stuck in the study all the time all alone haha. Unfortunately one of my text books I can't find for sale anywhere the only place i can find it is at the national library and you aren't even allowed to borrow books there so that wont help very much :(.

I am trying to get back into exercising atleast half an hr a day which is really hard because I finish when its dark and i am already getting up at 6.30 in the morning to get to work in time so I will just have to somehow sort something out i guess not sure what yet!

Oh well again i don't think anyone will reply to this i must find more e friends haha

Life is a box of chocolates

It hurts your teeth when it is too cold and when its warm everything gets gross and runny!

HAHA nah. So hmmm I was working out my money flow situation not so long ago and I should be okay for studying. I figure by the time we get to june/july when i will have to pay fees we will have the rudd payment come through (thanks rudd) and I will have hopefully saved up atleast another grand bringing me to the grand total of 20k. I got paid twice this week. Termination pay from my last job and money from this job I currently posses and the upcoming public holiday means more overtime. So I should have an okay sum of money next pay though i don't know I think i would have to do 5 hrs overtime to actually make an extra hungy after tax. FUCKING TAX... ooo i can't wait to do my tax *sigh* its like a wet dream i have every night where I think about how much i will get back. Last year i got 2k haha! it was awesome but I was one of those poor working students so they only took like $400 off me. This year I will be a defacto couple so who knows toby will probably cripple my means for tax back!

Hopefully i will just get a career in what I am studying in a years time so I can get all my monies back on tax oh isn't it grand when you are not paying hecs. Plus i can say my computer and internets is a part of it then because i need it to study and the study goes with my work. *faints* I'm thinking too much.

I miss my boyfriend I want snuggles and someone to pat my food baby when i get one! I bet after we live together for a while we will hate eachother. We really need a tv unit ... and an ironing board... and I need a hair removing impliment because at the moment i use my mums though I could use one of our old ones for the time being. hmm yeh good idea.

Okay this is just babble i hope you actually didn't read it because that would just be bad news for you wouldn't it. I guess it would prove just how much you need to get off the net wouldn't it... GET OFF MY INTERNETS BITCHES

yours dearly

the mad hatter

smokers, bus drivers and money oh my!

Sooo its kind of weird knowing how to start a public journal i didn't really think about it until now but you can't exactly say "dear diary" and is it seen weird to just go into the story or point of your journal? I would assume it cocky to go "Hi to all the people reading this" as I assume that it wont be. Because well gosh not that active on any LJ communities anymore so why would anyone know i still existed? So Ummm

Good evening ladies and gents,

I am here to ask a question. What is it with smokers that think that even though most public places have them banned from smoking in them or from within a 10 meter radius from them that they still think they can walk up to you while you are not smoking and just stand there next to you... for no apparent reason at all. And when you bother to walk away because well if you are anything like me you can't breathe properly around anyone smoking they glare at you like you are the biggest asshole in the world. Well you walked up to me polluted my air and for no real reason you just started looking at me funny so fuck you buddy.

Well i guess thats enough of my rant on smokers so its time for the bus drivers to cop it. Don't get me wrong I love catching buses because I hate driving myself so I do not think they have the best job and I do think they get some crappy customers in their runs so I am not having a big go but I just wonder how some of them manage to land the job. I have seen bus drivers worse than me at driving and I don't even have a license so thats really saying something and some of them I think seem like really nice people just need a career change. I just don't get how you can put a bad driver into a bigger vehicle with much more passengers and think of it as a good idea. I have no idea what the canberra government is thinking!!!

Money is well its money. I had over a third of my uni saved for and now with school fees going up i can't afford to study uni for yet another semester so it looks like I will have to save for a bit longer and its going to get harder. Just waiting for rudd to give me my bonus for being a tax paying citizen I hope seeing as I don't get paid as much I get close to the $900 because I could really use it with uni jumping from 28k to an outrageous 38.5k and me not going to be attending on campus don't really have a range of scholarships to try to get into as I am considered an international student in some terms :S.

Oh well that is all that is new for me

It would be nice if some of the people that are still watching me that I watch would write some more journals. its nice reading whats going on in other peoples life and maybe a bit interesting. Or maybe I'm just weird.


The mad hatter

I had a blah day

Well I went to work today doing okay with pace well pretty darn good considering I've only been there for a short while when I get an email about a meeting at 10.30am that will be going for an hr. I was like drats this is going to make me slow down a lot and get a lot less done how terrible. Then we go to the meeting and its the guy in charge of my area going on about how much money where I work is losing and how they are making ways of cutting revenue (fuck fuck fuck is all i can think). So he offers everyone in a room the chance to change their fortnights into 9 day fortnights instead of 10. I just bought a house like I can afford that I only earn $600 a week. Apparently the offer is not compulsary and they see that it is hard for us to cut down staff in my departments area because without us our tv station wont run to air. Well thats not very reassuring when i'm the one of probation. So that was my day at work. Still thankgod I finished on time.

Then I got home and went on career sites and there is a bank/insurance company offering an entry level position at 45k a year + super it sounds so good but I can't take up the offer because i have only been at my job for a month and I would prefer to fight through the monotony of it all for at least until we have gone on our 11 day vacation to Vanuatu because i don't have time to make up the holiday pay anywhere else yet.

Then I went on to look in areas I could study to find out the fees have gone up at the uni by correspondence place i was looking at and it will now cost me near 40k to get a degree. $6440 a year for 6 years and thats just the fees for this year. So now I am scared as all fuck of studying and I have no real skills to pay the bills. I was thinking of studying a bachelor in business finance. Which could have gotten me a pretty good job in the long run but I can't afford those fees I've so far only saved up $1800. Thats not even 3 years *sigh*.

Long story short i've had a very blah day.

So how was yours?
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I am of the belief that i haven't used this application for long enough for all my LJ friends to ditch me again... It's okay I'm used to that I am very erm sporadic with lj use so I guess I am not the best mate for ljers out there. And I don't particularly like real friends being on my lj as things can get nasty when your open about whats going on around you and your feelings.

So.. whats new? I bought a house and I am so fucking scared about it its not funny. I have a job where I don't really earn enough to pay off a house on my own so thats really scary too... And I can't even contribute the same amount as my boyfriend so I feel like a failure. I still don't have a licence which sucks because I know work at a tv station that doesn't get great busses after 6.30 and I usually do overtime to get all my work done. I am just on computers doing nothing terribly fun so don't get too excited for me.

My job is actually really bad I am slow at it and I feel pressure to learn really fast or else I would be behind 2 hrs a night instead of 1 which would probably be better for buses though. I am always tired too... Thats probably the worst thing and all i feel at the moment is pressure. Pressure with this house pressure with this job just pressure. I just want to be in the house and be paying it off as fast as possible and get into my job as fast as possible and get my licence as fast as possible but I am the worst driver in the world so I don't see that happening any time soon :( my boyfriend keeps reassuring me but I do 1-2 lessons a week and it all just seeps out by the time i get back in. Also i am fucking terrified of cars i am unsure why :S maybe because I have been in a few accidents.

I bought a few normal magazines with ideas for exercise in them like cosmopolitan and chleo because i don't have time to put normal exercises you can try to fit in the cracks of my busy life atm. Because i don't want to turn into a fat lump :(. I have had to make my own lunches so its mainly salad mm yum ^_^ haha.

thats by boring update oh well sorry about that

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